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Important Updates After The Fires

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

The recent wildfires have destroyed homes, led to many lost lives, and have disrupted ordinary every day life for all of us across Maui. Our hearts go out to all those affected. Luckily, our coaching staff and our homes are safe.

How have you and your family and friends been affected? Please let us know so we can get a feeling for how this has affected our Mindful Martial Arts community.

If you are struggling personally, or because you are providing help to someone who was made homeless by the fires, or because you are part of the amazing ad-hoc team of people providing support across the island, please let us know so we can support you as best we can.

If you are housing any family displaced by this crisis, and they are interested in joining class for some mental relief, please feel free to bring them in at no charge. Just text us in advance and have them sign the waiver.

We are so grateful to live on an island with such amazing community support and volunteer activity. It is really impressive and inspiring to see the way that people have jumped in to serve our community and those who have just lost so much. Feel free to share stories of how you are jumping in to help.

We would like to offer some sort of class over the weekend for children and/or families displaced by the fire. If anybody knows of any kid or family programs that are happening that we can be a part of, please let us know. Or if you have been feeling the same and want to coordinate something, please reach out and maybe we can put something together.

--Makeup Classes--

We're offering makeup classes on: [UPDATED] Wed, August 30th, and Thursday, August 31st, for the classes that were canceled due to the fires on Wed & Thu, August 9th and 10th (and also for the adults Jiu-Jitsu class that was cancelled on Tuesday August 1st).

Normally, the week of Sunday, August 27th through Saturday, September 2nd, would have been a break, but we want to ensure you get the training you've missed. See our calendar for how we break months down such that there are always 4 weeks of classes offered each month, inclusive of week-long breaks.

We look forward to welcoming you back and hopefully leaning into our Mindful Martial Arts classes as a way of resetting our nervous systems and getting grounded after all these traumatic events. Physical exercise, mindfully done, with the right intention, has the potential to support deep healing and nervous system regulation. And it's our hope that we can lean into this potential.

We look forward to continuing our journey in mindfulness and martial arts together.

Stay safe and connected,

Coach Gabe, Admin Kellie, & Team

Mindful Martial Arts




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