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Each calendar year, students can pause their membership for 2 weeks to one month at no cost and without potentially losing their spot in the program. A second or third month of pausing will cost 25% of the monthly rate in order to hold their spot in the program. To ensure fairness for all of our students, we can only hold a spot for a maximum of 3 months per year. Note that it's not possible to pause a membership for less than 2 weeks. 

Please note if needing to pause a student in the mini's class for a month or more we can no longer offer the option of a pause in membership to hold their spot due to those classes being so popular and have a waitlist to get in. 



To avoid potential fees, please give at least 7 days notice when pausing a membership by filling out this form.

Please give 35 days notice when canceling your membership. As per above, any refund requests will incur a $20 charge if approved. Please send in your notice of cancelation either by email at: or by text to 808-400-4185. 

REFUNDS: Please note that refunds will incur a $20 processing fee. This fee covers administrative costs associated with refund processing as well as taxes we pay despite a refund. We strive to ensure our members receive prompt and efficient service, and this fee helps us maintain that standard. Thank you for your understanding.


If your child misses, or is going to miss a class, we appreciate knowing why (you can text us at 808-400-4185), but this isn't required. No discounts or credits are available for classes missed due to special events, travel, or sickness, or any other reason.



As a courtesy, we allow students to book make-up sessions for an occasionally missed class. Make-up sessions should be booked within 3 weeks of any missed class and can only be made up with an active membership. Visit our Book a Make-Up Class page to book a make-up session.

What if a session can't be made up?

The ability to book make-up sessions is a courtesy. If you're not able to book a make-up session for any reason, there are no invoice credits available. 

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