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Each calendar year, students can pause their membership for one month (4-consecutive weeks) at no cost and without potentially losing their spot in the program. A second or third month of pausing will cost 25% of the monthly rate in order to hold their spot in the program. To ensure fairness for all of our students, we can only hold a spot for a maximum of 3 months per year. Note that it's not possible to pause a membership for less than 1 month.


Note: To keep your Refundable Deposit refundable, please give at least 2 weeks written notice when pausing a membership.


If your child misses, or is going to miss a class, we appreciate knowing why (you can text us at 808-400-4185), but this isn't required. No discounts or  credits are available for classes missed due to special events, travel, or sickness, with a special exception for Covid precautions). However, these missed classes can be made up by scheduling a make-up session.



Students can schedule a free make-up session within 3 weeks of any missed class. Visit our Book a Make-Up Class page to book a make-up session.

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