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Classes Cancelled Today, Tue, Aug 23

All Mindful Martial Arts classes are cancelled today, Tuesday Aug 23, due to power outages and road closures and the ensuing uncertainty happening across the island.

Make-up classes will take place next week Tuesday Aug 30, during our Fall Break, at our regular class times.

As a reminder, no other classes will take place next week, which is our Fall Break. See for details.


How are classes going?

I've had a couple parents reach out to express that certain classes are not going as smoothly in my absence. I apologize that this is the case sometimes and I appreciate you sharing with me any concerns so I can take appropriate action, working with our coaches and students to collectively find solutions and make the classes as great as possible for all.

Please feel encouraged to reach out via text for any reason, to 808-400-4185 and either I or Admin Kellie will answer, generally within 48hrs.


Baby was born!

We've got a healthy baby boy! He was born after a surprisingly short labor that lasted just under 4hrs. He is so calm and sweet and very small. He was born the day before yesterday, the 22nd here in New Zealand at just before 3am, in the converted barn on Rebekah's family farm where we are staying, and I caught him! Name to be announced. We are in love.

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