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Request For Help + Other News

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

I'm reaching out for help. We recently lost one of our coaches on very short notice. Even if you're only available for a single afternoon, it could be a great help.

We are looking for someone who can support the Lead Coach during class times by gently guiding students to pay attention, follow instructions, have fun, and stay safe. It could be you (the parent of an existing student of ours; or a Jiu-Jitsu student yourself), or your child (aged 13+).

Keeping at least one coach and one assistant-to-the-coach on the mat at all times is a high priority for our Minis (ages 4-6) and Big Kids classes (ages 6-12). If you're not available in the short term, I'd still love to get you on a list of people we could call if the future need arises.

Could you help? Send a text with any questions and/or offers of support to 808-400-4185. Thank you!


Coach Gabe

Want to know what else is going on? Check it out below.


  • Fall Break = No Classes!

  • Internship Opportunity

  • Parking Lot Mayhem!

  • Bye Coach Molly

  • Got 3 Minutes?

  • Reminder, Baby on the Way!

Fall Break!

As a reminder, there is a week-long Fall break, with no classes from Sun Aug 28 - Sat Sep 3.

No kids classes, no adult classes, no Women's Self-Defense classes, no classes!

Our months are broken down so there are exactly 4 weeks of classes each month. Check out for more info.

Parking Lot Mayhem!

Please Drive SLOWLY in the parking lot.

We've recently received this report from a concerned parent:

"Can you please remind the parents that the parking lot is not a raceway and has lots of children walking around -- some that are hard to be seen behind the cars or just in general. Some of the parents are driving really fast, and we have seen a few close calls and I am worried someone will get banged!"

Internship Opportunity

Does your child want to be a Social Media Marketing Intern? We're upping our social media game! Is your child interested in learning and supporting the process of creating social media content? They will develop photography, videography, and photo/video-editing skills, and will get tutelage from a social media marketing expert on how to develop posts with the potential to go viral. It will look good on their college applications while giving them valuable and marketable skills.

They'll need to commit to 2hrs of work each week. Accepting applications from students age 10 and up. Follow us @MindfulMartialArts808 on Instagram.

Goodbye Coach Molly

Coach Molly has had to resign on short notice for personal reasons. We appreciate all the care and attention she brought to each class and to each student over the past year and, while the timing is a bit rough, we wish her the best.

In the meantime, the excellent Coach David and Coach Angelina will continue leading our kids classes along with support from parent-volunteers and other mat assistants. Coach David, in addition to being a Golden Gloves boxing champion and MMA competitor, is a 4th-Degree Blue Belt in Jiu-Jitsu.

Coach Angelina is a White Belt who has been training directly under World Champion Black Belt Penny Thomas. Coach Gabe will return in Mid September. Where is Coach Gabe? See below!

Got 3 Minutes?

We love reading online reviews! We also rely on them to grow and thrive. A helpful review can take less than 3 minutes to write and can be whatever you want to say about your experience.

Prospective parents and students will greatly appreciate your perspective. How good have we been with communication? What does your child say and how do they feel about the classes? What other thoughts do you have about the program?

You can answer these questions and more (or less) as feels right for you. If you haven't already, could you now?


Reminder: New Baby On The Way! Away in NZ!

I am currently in New Zealand to support my partner Rebekah with the birth of our second child (a boy! Her parents and family farm are here to support us as well).

It is cold here, but it is great. We are surrounding by thousands of acres of pasture-land filled mostly with sheep! I'll post occasional short videos from our trip to @MindfulMartialArts808 as Instagram stories if you're interested in getting a peek into NZ life :-) The baby's not here yet, but soon!

I'll be gone from Jul 25th - Sep 15th. Admin Kellie is back with us after a short break and she and I can both be reached via text at 808-400-4185 with any questions or concerns. Thank you!


Coach Gabe

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