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New Parking Lot Policies

We appreciate your help in keeping the drop-off and pick-up of your keiki as smooth as possible. We have other classes happening in the building now and there will be more traffic in the lot for the after-school classes. Here are some guidelines that I ask you to please observe in order to keep the parking lot flow safe and pono, for classes taking place between 3 & 6pm.

If you are *not* planning to attend the class as an Observer:

1) Have your keiki dressed and ready for class before pulling into the lot or have them dress in the studio, but not in the parking lot.

2) Enter the parking lot no sooner than 10 minutes before class.

3) Send your keiki in (or walk them in) and immediately leave the lot. Unfortunately, we cannot have “visiting” with others in the parking lot.

4) Carpool with other students when possible.

5) Arrive for pick up no sooner than 5 minutes before class ends.

6) Load your keiki and exit the lot as quickly as possible.

7) Due to the limits of parking spaces, we cannot allow parking in the lot during your keiki’s class.

If you are planning to attend the class as an Observer: Please know we welcome family observers. 1) Please park on the street as there is no available long-term parking in the parking lot from here on. 2) Please note, to avoid overcrowding, we may need to restrict the numbers of observers at any one time in a class. However, this rarely has been an issue. If the room is full, we may have to ask late arrivals to come back another time.

I appreciate your attention to these parking guidelines so that everyone using the building can be at ease with the in and out flow of participants.

Aloha, -- Coach Gabe Audant 808-400-4185



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