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Book a Free Trial Class

Please Note!!

  • Permanent Maui Residents only

  • Use Coupon Code 'FREE-TRIAL' 

  • One Free Trial Per Student

  • Per our landlord's requirement, please park on the street rather than in the parking lot (parking in the lot is okay for a quick 5-minute drop-off or pick-up).

Can't find what you're looking for below? Be sure to choose the right day (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, etc...). Not sure what day your class is on? Check out Our schedule!


MINIS (ages 4-6)

-$215/mo for 2x/wk (8x/month)

-$129/mo for 1x/wk (4x/month)

BIG KIDS (ages 6-12)

-$299/mo for 3x/wk (12x/month)

-$215/mo for 2x/wk (8x/month)

-$129/mo for 1x/wk (4x/month)

NON-MEMBERS: First class free, then $40/class

YOUTH (ages 9-17)

-$259/mo for 3x/wk (12x/month)

-$179/mo for 2x/wk (8x/month)

-$99/mo for 1x/wk (4x/month)]

-$40/class Drop-in

NON-MEMBERS: First class free, then $30/class

ADULTS (ages 16+)


-$159/mo for 3x/wk (12x/month)

-$119/mo for 2x/wk (8x/month)

-$79/mo for 1x/wk (4x/month)

NON-MEMBERS: First class free, then $25/class


When registering, you will be charged a one-time fee to help us ensure that at least 2-weeks notice is given for any membership pauses or cancelations. Learn More.


No discounts or invoice credits are available for classes missed due to special events, travel, or sickness. Members can schedule a free make-up session (Minis - use the discount code "MAKE-UP") within 3 weeks of the missed class. For extended absences and membership pauses, see our Extended Absence Policy.

Parking Policy

No parking is allowed inside the parking lot while class is taking place, except for a quick drop-off or pick up. Parking on the street is available. See our blog post for more info.


All classes take place at the Wisdom Flow Studio, 95 Makawao Ave, in Pukalani. It's the 2nd left after passing First Hawaiian Bank when heading towards Makawao.

How To Enroll

1) Book a trial class


2) Visit our ‘After Booking’ page to fill out the necessary forms. These are *required for participation in the trial class.* On that same page, view what you should expect and bring for your first class.


3) Attend the trial

4) Within 3 days of the trial, text or email us (808-400-4185) confirming that you want to enroll for 1x/week or 2x/week. An invoice will be emailed to you for online payment.


5) Order your gi/uniform and undershirt from Amazon (more info on our After Booking page).

Financial Aid

If finances pose a barrier to participation, please get in touch to request financial aid. A limited number of financial aid opportunities are made available each year. We believe that training opportunities should be made available to all who truly value them, and that finances should never be the primary barrier to participation.

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