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Courage & Confidence

Women's Self-Defense

4-Weeks | Starts Jan 23!

  • Feel empowered and confident in your body and in your abilities

  • Learn powerful and effective techniques from a highly experienced female instructor

  • Women's only course

What Will You Learn?

In this course World Champion BJJ Black Belt Professor Penny Thomas will teach you how to handle yourself in almost any dangerous situation whether it gets physical or not.


Learn what to do if the assailant has a weapon, grabs you, tries to hit you, or is simply standing in your way. Leave the course feeling powerful and confident in the strategies and skills you've developed to keep yourself safe.

The curriculum for this course is part of a larger self defense program called the ABC’s of Self-Defense, developed by Penny Thomas. The techniques you will be learning and practicing in this course are from *Cycle A* of this program.


Who's it For?

For women and girls, ages 12+. Max 15 students. 

When & Where?

DATES: Tuesdays, January 23rd - February 13th

TIME: 5PM - 5:55PM

Location: 95 Makwao Ave, Pukalani (near First Hawaiian Bank)


Book now to get a bonus 1 month free trial membership, valued at $75.


Inclusive of the bonus 1-month trial membership, the total value of this offer is $203, now available for $128.

Ohana Discount

If you, or anyone in your household, has ever ever been enrolled in any of our classes use the code OHANA to get a further 10% off. Thank you for being a part of our Ohana! Use the discount code EARLYOHANA if registering before the earlybird deadline below!

NOTE: if you do not use the correct code, we will not retro-actively apply any discounts.

Earlybird Discount

Register by the end of the day on Friday, January 19th to get a full 15% off the cost of this program. Use the discount code EARLYBIRD at checkout.


NOTE: if you do not use this code, we will not retro-actively apply any discounts.

WildFires & Financial Aid

If the August 2023 Maui Wildfires have caused hardship due to home-loss, job-loss, or due to your efforts to others experiencing these, please consider requesting financial aid BEFORE registering. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a money-back Satisfaction Guarantee. To qualify for the guarantee, we ask that you attend all 4 classes in the course. Then, if you’re not happy with the results, let us know within 7 days and we will give you your money back.

Participant Safety Requirements

Our Women's Self-Defense course is designed to be both rigorous and empowering. This course involves physical activity such as getting up and down from the floor unassisted, break-falls and performing and receiving controlled takedowns with other participants.


As safety is our top priority we strongly recommend this course for individuals who are comfortable with these physical demands. Please note if you have concerns about your ability to safely participate due to age, mobility limitations, or medical conditions we encourage you to consult with your healthcare provider before enrolling.

Discount & Financial Aid Note:

Correct discount & financial aid codes need to be entered at the time of registration. Aid and discounts cannot be retro-actively applied.

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About Penny Thomas

Penny has trained in Jiu Jitsu for over 20 years and won many titles, including: IBJJF World Champion, ADCC Submission Wrestling Champion, Pan American Champion, FILA World Grappling Champion and more! Penny is one of the most accomplished competitors of her generation and she has been here on island training and teaching for the past 15 years. We are honored to have her join the Mindful Martial Arts team in order to offer this course.

Penny started training in Jiu Jitsu after experiencing an assault and is passionate about empowering other women to prevent the same from happening to them. She designed this course through her years of training and is excited to share it with you!

Penny is also a certified yoga instructor and so is able to adapt her instructions to fit each student's particular body mechanics, increasing the level of safety in the classroom.

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