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David Reyna


David is the coach for our new Striking for Self Defense class! His heart's desire is to help kids and he reached out to us with a vision that aligned perfectly with ours; planting the seed early in kids so they can develop into healthy, thriving, and balanced adults. His background is extensive and full of passion. As a hyperactive youth he found Muay Thai kickboxing to be exactly what his body and mind needed and was instantly hooked. He started training in 2006 with Muay Thai in Mexico  then moved to San Antonio, Tx where he began MMA training. He got his blue belt in jiu jitsu from Marcello Salazar Bergo. He trained with Andre Montero for two years as well. And then in 2013 boxer Jesse James Lejia was in his corner when David won the Golden Glove Championship! David competed from 2009 to 2014 when he decided to finish his degree. He holds a Bachelors in Kinesiology from University of Texas. He is also bilingual (speaks English and Spanish)  and  has certifications in ONNIT, Art of Breath, Total Body Resistance Exercise, TRX level one and Rip Trainer, as well as Box N Burn level one. When David was coaching at the UFC gym he noticed a lot of kids were drawn to the training and he took them under his wing where became like a big brother and would take them out to go hiking or to eat when they weren’t training. He recognized the need for positive role models and takes the role seriously as he himself has seen how his interest in martial arts lead him to other healthy practices like breathwork, meditation, prayer, journaling, eating healthy, drinking enough water and getting plenty of sleep.He believes that the more you go inside of yourself the more questions arise and the more questions arise the more you know yourself and the closer you will be to God.

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