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Please check again in a few days to register online. Thanks!

About The Classes

Mindful Martial Arts, grounded in Jiu-Jitsu and Mindfulness practice, is a great way to support your child to develop focus, discipline, confidence and self-defense skills. Our small-group classes are fun, safe, and a great workout. Jiu-Jitsu is the best Martial Art to learn for self-defense because it allows a smaller and weaker person to protect themselves and win a physical fight without needing to cause harm to the other person. Mindfulness training will support your child to notice when they have been triggered into an emotionally unbalanced state, to calm themselves down, and to only engage physically if truly required to protect their safety. All classes take place at the Wisdom Flow Studio, 95 Makawao Ave, in Pukalani.


About Registering

Historically, our classes have filled up very quickly so if you are interested please sign up as soon as you are able. There is no commitment required beyond the first month.


Financial Aid

If finances pose a barrier to your family's participation, please get in touch to request financial aid. A limited number of financial aid opportunities are made available each year. 

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