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Classes - Minis

Mindful Martial Arts for Minis is a playful and "fun-first" introduction to martial arts! It can help your child with so much, including: Personal Development:

    -Focus, Discipline, and Confidence Participation


    -Learning to enjoy being part of a structured group


    -Having fun while learning how to move their bodies in different ways safely

Social & Emotional Skills:

    -Sensing and skillfully expressing feelings



Self-Defense Skills:

    -Learning fun and powerful self-defense techniques through games and role-play

Mindfulness Skills:

    -Learning to focus and calm their minds and bodies

Positive Values:

    -Absorbing the importance of pro-social values through "story-time" and discussions.


    Semi-private classes, with a max of 6 students per class


    Enroll for classes taking place on Tuesdays. Fill out the Registration of Interest form on our homepage to start the enrollment                 process.


    Wisdom Flow Studio, 95 Makawao Avenue, Pukalani


    $119/month for 4 classes/month


    Invoices for each months to be sent via email and paid online in advance.

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