Kickboxing for Self-Defense

For Youth: Ages 9-17

-Mondays 5-6pm 

-Thursdays 6-7pm

For Adults: Ages 17+ 


-Thursdays 7-8pm


Our Kickboxing classes give students the focus, discipline, confidence, and skills they need to defend themselves using strikes (e.g. punches, open-handed strikes, kicks), takedowns and more. It also supports them to develop wisdom about how, when, and when not to engage with a potential attacker. Students will train with Golden Gloves Champion Boxer, Kickboxer, and MMA Fighter David Reyna.

MMA gloves, rather than boxing gloves, are worn to support students to prepare for realistic self-defense situations (MMA gloves make blocking punches more difficult and more realistic; they also make it easer to train take-downs and take-down defense).

Fighting As a Last Resort

Each Youth Class (ages 9-17) includes values-based story-telling in order to help students develop their moral compass and mindfulness practices to support emotional-regulation.

Is it A Workout?


Is it Fun?

Yes! Our fun-first approach is real! We play exciting games in each class and are committed to keeping the atmosphere playful, fun, and safe for students of all skill levels.

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Have fun, make friends, and develop skills that will help keep you safe when push comes to shove!

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About The Instructor - David Reyna


David's background is extensive and full of passion. As a hyperactive youth, he found kickboxing to be exactly what his body and mind needed and was instantly hooked. He has trained and competed in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Western Kickboxing, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts throughout Mexico, Spain, Texas, Missouri, California, and Hawaii.


He won the 2013 San Antonio Regional Golden Gloves Boxing Championship, has fought several MMA matches, has a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, and holds several fitness instruction certifications.


David is passionate about working with youth because he’s seen how martial arts training has led him to live a better life, fueled by focus and discipline and empowered by deep-rooted confidence.