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Mindful Martial Arts

@ Kalama Intermediate School


Our students have fun while learning how to defend themselves. Classes are not only a great workout, fast-paced and fun. They’re also a place to make new friends while learning the skills needed to stay safe.


  • Boundary Setting

  • How to Feel Empowered and Confident

  • How to Identify & Diffuse Dangerous Situations

  • How to Know If You Need to Fight

  • How to Fight and Win!


Instructors help maintain a fun, friendly and safe classroom at all times. This is backed by research, which shows that happy students learn faster, and that students are happier when they have positive relationships with their peers. A well-planned, fast-paced curriculum, games, and caring, knowledgeable instructors help make class a place students want to be.



The best way to develop skills that will work in a real life situation is to practice them against someone who is realistically resisting and reacting to you. Because it’s hard to safely practice punching and kicking each other with full force, students primarily learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (an advanced form of wrestling), learning how to control their opponents and make them give up using “Scalable Force”. 


“Scalable Force” means being able to use the right amount of force for the situation. If someone playfully grabs your wrist for example, the best response is *not* to punch them in the throat. It would be way better if you could simply do a grip-break and free yourself, or possibly use their grip against them and "playfully" twist their arm behind their back. These are the kinds of things you’ll learn in the Combat portion of the class.



The best way to stay safe is to avoid dangerous situations. And the best way to do that is to train your mind—to be calm, alert, and responsive to danger.

Mindfulness Practices like breathing exercises, meditation, and visualizations, have helped people calm and sharpen their minds for thousands of years. By learning these powerful practices, our students develop special kinds of awareness they need to succeed in dangerous situations and in life.

Teaching Stories are fun and entertaining ways to learn important life lessons, especially about what kinds of attitudes and qualities we need to succeed, not only in dangerous situations, but in life generally. Students enjoy hearing stories read aloud, or told to them from personal experience, at the end of each class.


The ClassES

A well-planned, fast-paced curriculum, games, and caring, knowledgeable instructors help make class a place students want to be.

The Schedule


Earlier Class: 2:30-3:45pm.

(For Grades 6 or 7)


Later Class: 4:00-5:15pm

(For Grades 7 or 8)

The Location

Conveniently located at Kalama School, classes take place in the cafeteria, subject to facility availability.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Or check out our FAQs.

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Financial Aid

If finances are the primary reason stopping you from signing up for classes, please  learn more about financial aid options.

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