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  • How much does it cost?
    Classes cost $70/month for 4 Classes/Month with discounted costs for months with fewer classes. If your child does not already have a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Judo gi, we can provide their first one for them at a discounted price ($25 Kula /$35 Kalama). Invoices will be sent to your email on a monthly basis and are payable by credit or debit card, due at the start of the month. We do not accept other forms of payment. If this cost poses a barrier for you, financial-aid may be available.
  • What is the schedule?
    Click here to view the schedule.
  • Where are classes held?
    Classes at Kalama will take place in the Kalama Cafeteria. Classes in Kula take place in the Hawaiian Studies classroom at Kula School. See map below:
  • What size gi/uniform do I need?
    It's better to get a gi that is too big, rather than too small because kids grow and uniforms do not. Also, if it ends up really too big, you can shrink it by putting it in a hot dryer, but be careful! See Gi Care Information in our FAQs for more info. SIZE CHART FOR KIDS UP TO 110 POUNDS: SIZE CHART FOR KIDS 95 POUNDS OR HEAVIER:
  • What should my child bring to class?
    WATER BOTTLE Students should have their name written on their water bottle. CLOTHING Students should bring a durable t-shirt or an athletic rash guard to wear under their gi-top. Any type of shorts, leggings or just underwear is okay to wear under the gi-bottoms. It's not recommended to wear long pants or jeans under the gi-bottoms because it will be too hot and restrict movement. GI/UNIFORM Students should wear their Gi (uniform) to class or bring it separately in a bag along with a durable t-shirt top or BJJ rash guard. Shirts should be durable, cover the shoulders, and have a high collar. Ocassionally, we may take off the Gi-top to train, so its a good idea to wear a quality top under the Gi. A private space to change will be made available. HAIR & JEWELRY Long hair must be braided or well-secured using hair ties. Earings and jewelery may need to be removed for safety reasons.
  • How should I care for my gi/uniform?
    It is required that you wash the gi at least once per week, and preferrably immediately after each class. If the gi gets infected by odor-causing bacteria, it may never smell the same again! Immediately after each class, it is a good idea to wash the gi or else put it in a tub of warm water with a little detergent and/or household vinegar, to help kill any odor-causing bacteria. Bonus points if you add in some OxiClean. You can let it soak for a couple hours or a couple days depending on your laundry schedule. At the very least, hang up the gi so that it can air dry after each class. DO NOT LEAVE IT IN A BAG OR CRUMPLED UP, especially if it is sweaty. HANG DRY. DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER. Otherwise it will shrink! IF YOU WANT TO SHRINK THE SLEEVES OR PANT LEGS: Soak them in water, and then put it in a hot dryer. Check every 10 minutes to see how much it has shrunk. DO NOT USE BLEACH. This will weaken the fabric and cause it to rip.
  • Where can I get a rash guard?
    We couldn't find any short-sleeve BJJ or MMA rash guards for kids on, and don't feel comfortable recommending any other online retailers at this point. If you find something that works for you, please let us know! A short sleeve, durable t-shirtmight be your best bet, especially since you can pick up a pack of two for less than $8 in some cases. We recommend geting navy, another shade of blue, or black, and strongly recommend against white. Sanabul makes a great adult-sized rash guard. We can't vouch for their kids rash guards, and it seems they only sell long-sleeved kids rash guards, which may be a little hot. But maybe give them a go and let us know what you think.
  • How do I Tie My Belt?
    Members can go to the Member Gallery to see the video desribing how to tie the belt. Here's the text description: First, match the ends of the belt and trace your hand back to find the middle. Then put the middle of the belt on the belly button and wrap both ends around the body and match them up so they are the same length. I like to tell a little story to help remember the steps. THE CAT AND RAT STORY: One side is the cat and one side is the rat (which side do you want to be the cat?) The cat takes a nap - that means it lies across your belly. The rat jumps over the cat, crawls under the bed (that means it goes under both straps), and runs up the wall. Tighten it as much as you like. The cat is still on the bottom. The cat bends its tail. The rat jumps over the tail, under the tail, and they run in opposite directions Then they both hide between the sheets (that means they go between the two straps).
  • What if I need a new gi/uniform?
    Children grow! We get it. If it's time for your child to get a new gi, just let us know your child's height and weight, and your mailing address. We'll confirm the price and color with you before we order (generally about $35-$45). We order through Amazon, and so you're welcome to order directly from Amazon or any other online or physical retailer.
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