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After Booking
--6 Weeks To Resilience--
At Montessori

Congratulations on your decision to enroll your child in our 6 Weeks to Resilience Course at Montessori! Please consider bookmarking this page!


Release Forms


Please be sure to sign our Release Forms ( before your child attends their first class.


You will also need to sign the Release Form provided by Montessori at their front desk.


Students will not be able to participate without having completed BOTH Release Forms.


Arriving To Class


See image at the bottom of this page to see the RFC building where class will be held. 


Class A, starts at 3:05PM

Your child may proceed to the RFC immediately after school lets out.

Class B, starts at 4:05PM

Unless your child is enrolled in the after-school program, you will need to pick your child up from school and bring them back to the campus for their class. Please plan to arrive outside the RFC 5-10 minutes BEFORE class starts.


Classes start promptly and tardy students do a disservice to themselves and to the rest of the class.



Leaving Class


After class, one of our two instructors will bring your child just outside the RFC. You should be there and be ready and waiting to receive them by 4:00PM or 5:00PM, (depending on when their class lets out).


If someone other than you will be picking them up, please text us to let us know.


Late Pick-Up

*If you are not at the pick-up spot on time, we will bring them back inside the classroom with us. If you are more than 10 minutes late picking up your child, there is a $20 late fee. Please text us in the event that you will be late for pick-up.



What To Bring


Full Water Bottle!!

Please ensure your child brings a full water bottle! Classes can be a strenuous workout and plenty of water breaks are given. Don't let them be in vain.


Appropriate Bottoms

Drawstring shorts (e.g. board-shorts) are preferred. Leggings, spats, or stretchy pants are great, but shorts should be worn over the top of anything form-fitting.


Appropriate Top

T-shirt uniforms are not likely to be available for all students until the second day of class. In the meantime, students should plan to wear a durable plain t-shirt that covers the shoulders and has a normal/high/crew neckline.


Jewelry & Hair

No jewelry should be worn and long hair should be tied up.


Observing Class

If it's fine with Montessori's administration, it's fine with us. Check with them first. Observers are expected to watch quietly without "calling out" to students on the mat.





Again, congratulations on your decision to enroll your child in this program. We look forward to supporting their growth and development. We hope and expect that you will see their focus, discipline, confidence, self-defense skills, and resilience markedly improve after just six weeks.


Please be prepared to write us a fabulous online review at the end of six weeks :-)

Also, be prepared for your child to love it, and to want to re-enroll in the next series of classes (which will follow almost immediately afterwards).


If you're ever dissatisfied, concerned, or have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to reach out via text or email.


Lots of Aloha,

Coach Gabe, Admin Kellie & The Team

Mindful Martial Arts


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