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Classes - Big Kids & Teens

Mindful Martial Arts classes are a fun-first approach to teaching self-defense and other critical life skills. They can help your child with so much, including:

Personal Development:

    -Focus, Discipline, and Confidence

Self-Defense Skills:

    -Learning fun and powerful self-defense techniques through games and live-resistance training

    -Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts techniques.

Social & Emotional Skills:



Mindfulness Skills:

    -Learning to focus and calm their minds and bodies

Positive Values:

    -Absorbing the importance of pro-social values through "story-time" and discussions.


    This class provides physically bigger kids who might otherwise be in the Big Kids group bigger training partners to practice their skills     with. The regiment will be slightly more intense as well as a slightly higher focus on submissions.


    Small-group classes, with a max of 12 students per class


    Enroll for classes taking place on Tuesdays.


    Wisdom Flow Studio, 95 Makawao Avenue, Pukalani


    $119/month for 4 classes/month


    Invoices for each month to be sent via email and paid online in advance.

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